Cluster hails breakthrough in meeting participation –

Cluster hails breakthrough in meeting participation Published:  07 March, 2007

THE Cluster of Fishing Companies in Third Countries (CEPPT) is participating, this week, in an observer capacity at the 27th session of the Committee on Fisheries (COFI) in the United Nations Organisation for Agriculture and Food (FAO), taking place in Rome.

The CEPPT delegation is headed by its Chairman, Marcial Varela, accompanied by the Manager Director, José Parajuá.

According to the Cluster,this participation means a great step forward for European fishing investors in third countries since, for the first time, the viewpoint of the private sector is tabled at the COFI.

This Committee meets every two years and is the only worldwide forum in which governments, official bodies at the United Nations and organisations from civil society formulate recommendations on the most relevant fisheries issues at international level.

This year, issues being dealt with include the reform of the regional fisheries ordinance organisations (OROP), the fight against illegal fishing, the rebuilding of the fishing sector in areas affected by tsunamis and social matters related to fishing.

The Cluster represents over 200 joint ventures belonging to community partners in Spain, Italy and Portugal and to 28 extra-communitary members.

The Cluster provides direct employment for over 13,000 people, both on board vessels and in processing industries on land, apart from the considerable number of jobs created indirectly.

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