China: Seaweed farmer detained following death of workers –

China: Seaweed farmer detained following death of workers Published:  26 April, 2007

CHINESE police have detained a seaweed farmer after 17 of his workers and two others were swept away by a rising tide earlier this month and drowned, Xinhua news agency has said.

According to Reuters, Xinhua said that Liu Songquan hired 17 people to collect seaweed on his farm in the eastern province of Jiangsu, but their overloaded tractors became stranded when fleeing an abnormally high tide.

“Liu still insisted on saving the tractors and the seaweed in the face of the rising water and called on another couple nearby to help out,” it said.

Liu could be charged with negligence, but local media have also questioned the promptness of rescue workers.

Seaweed is a hugely popular food across Asia, especially in China, Japan and in North and South Korea. Seaweed is also used as a food supplement for livestock.

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