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Cermaq welcomes formation of Global Salmon Initiative Published:  19 August, 2013

CEOs of the global farmed salmon industry last week launched a major industry-led sustainability initiative. 

The Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) unites 15 companies representing 70 % of the global farmed salmon industry committed to greater industry cooperation and transparency, in order to achieve significant and continuous progress in industry sustainability.

The initiative aims to make significant strides in providing a sustainable source of protein (farmed salmon) to feed a growing population.

Cermaq CEO Jon Hindar said: “On behalf of Cermaq I’m pleased to be a part of this initiative. Cermaq is a leading company in sustainable aquaculture, but we still depend on the whole industry moving forward making significant improvements in sustainability. Contributing to this important initiative has been meaningful and rewarding.”

Keen to make substantial improvements, GSI is concentrating their efforts on three priority areas facing the industry: biosecurity, feed sourcing and meeting industry standards. With commitment across regions to work together for the first time, the industry has the opportunity for real and beneficial changes.

“This initiative is already starting to deliver results. In Chile the GSI had engaged a sea lice coordinator, and coordinated treatment against sea lice has shown promising results in the two macro zones it has been introduced so far. This is very good and demonstrates the commitment to cooperate,” said Jon Hindar.