Catching Ability in Jeopardy If All Scrapping Offers Go Through –

Catching Ability in Jeopardy If All Scrapping Offers Go Through Fishing Monthly Published:  16 July, 2003 THE Scottish Executive today published the list of vessels being offered decommissioning grants under the £40million Scottish scrapping scheme. And Scottish Fishermen’s Federation chief executive Hamish Morrison warned that if all the cash offers were taken up, the Scottish fleet would be hard pressed to sustain existing fish markets and in the longer term to take advantage of recovering fish stocks.The list shows for example that 19 Peterhead registered vessels have received offers with 14 from Fraserburgh and eight from Shetland.And Mr Morrison said it was clear that the Executive had targeted white fish catchers with fairly significant cod catching records.”This is sad to see and this was never our recommendation which was for £25million to go on decommissoning £15million on transitional aid and £10 for quota transfer. “But what we are anxious to have is enough fish still being landed to make sure that the commercial viability of the main fish markets remains and in the medium term we need to ensure we have adequate capacity to fish a recovering stock.”I have my doubts having seen this list although some skippers may turn down the offer.”