Caixa Galicia and the World Fishing Exhibition signs pledge of collaboration –

Caixa Galicia and the World Fishing Exhibition signs pledge of collaboration Published:  16 July, 2008

Don José Luis Méndez, Director General of Caixa Galicia, and D. Alfonso Paz-Andrade, President of the Executive Committee of the World Fishing Exhibition, signed a pledge of collaboration on June 16th in respect of the Vigo 2009 Exhibition which will be held in Vigo, from the 16th-19th September 2009.

Don Abel Caballero, Mayor of Vigo, presided over the act, which took place at the Vigo Headquarters of the Caixa Galicia Foundation in the presence of authorities and local dignitaries.

After the signing, Don José Luis Méndez emphasised that “Caixa Galicia, as the most prominent financial body in a land and society which have been shaped by the ocean, cannot fail to collaborate with an initiative that brings our community to the international vanguard of this marine industry.” He went on to describe Vigo as a benchmark in terms of organisation of international events, an acknowledgement that “it has made itself worthy of year after year” through its “great originality and innovation”.

The Director General of Caixa Galicia said that for the “largest financial institution of our community it was vitally important to be here, indeed it would be inexcusable not to be here, sponsoring of the World Fishing Exhibition.” He emphasised the commitment of Caixa Galicia to Vigo “and to other events held in this City, using Vigo as a platform to reach the rest of the world.”

VIGO 2009

The President of the Executive Committee of the WFE-VIGO 2009, Don Alfonso Paz-Andrade assured both Caixa Galicia and the Vigo Town Council, of his deep commitment to the next Vigo World Fishing Exhibition. At little more than a year away from the celebration in Vigo 2009, a 68 % of the available space has been reserved. The Organizers have also confirmed the participation of 10 national stands: Italy, Sicily, France, the Faroe Islands, the United Kingdom, Cuba, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. With these numbers they have overtaken the figures of 2003, a year when 800 companies from 80 countries participated, and in which a total value of €400 million was traded. Among the targets for Vigo 2009 are the large developing countries new to the fisheries scene, such South-East Asia. In the words of Alfonso Paz-Andrade, in terms of the wider international scene in which we are immersed, “it will be a unique opportunity to make contact with the most important international manufacturers presenting their latest technological advances and innovations in energy saving devices, both for boats and the industry; as well as to participate in the numerous other happenings and events being held in parallel to the exhibition.


The President of the Executive Committee also referred to the Conference of Ministers that has been celebrated in parallel to the Exhibition since 1985, remembering the successive fisheries summits which have been key in defining strategies for the rational exploitation of resources. He pointed out that “the fishing industry has gained more notoriety and importance in its role as a supplier of food for the human race.

One of the main features of VIGO 2009 will be a World Conference on Sustainability in collaboration with the Spain’s Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs and the FAO, which plans to open constructive dialogue between all of those involved in management of the seas: national and international organisations, NGO’s, scientists and the

Caixa Galicia and the Executive Committee sign a Pledge of Collaboration to celebrate the Vigo World Fishing Exhibition 2009

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