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Skipper believes fleet under threat to please foreign fishermen

Buckie Skipper Backs Conspiracy Theory Fishing Monthly Published:  14 November, 2002

A SCOTTISH skipper has issued an open letter backing the view that the EC wants the UK fleet tied up for a year for political reasons, which have nothing to do with the state of quotas

Buckie skipper Leslie Findlay of the Solan who is a member of the Fishermen’s Association, said if a cod catching ban goes ahead,the UK Government should be pushing for all nations fishing in the North Sea to be stopped because all types of towed fishing gear to a greater or lesser extent damage the stocks He went on:”But the EU needs to get rid of tonnage to allow for newcomers, so ban the UK fleet for a year or so which will bankrupt it leaving the way clear to allow new tonnage in, by which time stocks will have made a remarkable recovery and what’s left of our fleet will no longer be able to catch our share leaving plenty quota for the Spanish to fish.

“Why get rid of a fleet which is trying to conserve the stocks to make way for ones that have historically decimated other stocks world wide.These cuts are not about the health of fish stocks but rather about how the EU can allow in the Spanish and Portuguese fleets against scientific advice that says we already have an over capacity of tonnage in the fleets at the moment so how can more be allowed in to fish in these waters.”