Britain's first no-fishing zone named – off Flamborough Head –

Britain’s first no-fishing zone named – off Flamborough Head Published:  20 April, 2009

THE North Sea’s first ‘no-fishing’ zone looks set to be created off Flamborough Head near the Humber estuary, one of the richest areas around the UK for crabs, lobsters and certain types of white fish.

It is also close to the busy shell fish ports of Bridlington and Scarborough which are attracting a growing number of fishing boats.

The North Eastern Sea Fisheries Committees has already approved a proposed byelaw to create a no-take zone off Flamborough Head. The proposal has been driven by Natural England and the Committee, working in partnership with the local commercial and recreational fishers and associated onshore businesses.

Robbie Fisher, marine adviser for Natural England, said: ‘By working with local interest groups we have identified an area that was acceptable to those involved. We are now developing a scientific monitoring programme that will help us understand what changes happen when we alter the management of this area.’

He added: ‘A no-take zone means exactly that – you can’t remove anything from within the zone, either above or below the high tidemark. Fish, seaweed, shellfish and rocks all have to be left where they are.’

David McCandless, chief fishery officer at North Eastern Sea Fisheries Committee, said: ‘The establishment of a no-take zone off the Yorkshire coast is strongly supported by both recreational and commercial fishing interests.This designation will provide a valuable insight into the role and value of no take zones in both marine fisheries and environmental conservation and management.’