Blue sea food company launches new crab product –

Blue sea food company launches new crab product Published:  09 July, 2008

The blue sea food company, based in Devon, has launched a new range of sustainably sourced pure white and brown crab meat.

Called Wild Bay, the range is free from preservatives and artificial flavourings, and includes two pots; one with sweet, delicate white crab meat and the other with layers of white and rich, creamy brown crab meat.

“Our idea was simple – to launch a range with 100% crab meat, which tastes so fresh and flavoursome it’s as if you have just cracked a whole, freshly landed crab, minus the shell and claws! Crab is a tasty and versatile ingredient, which is low in fat and packed full of vitamins; the brown meat is especially rich in Omega-3. What’s more, the South Devon crab is renowned for its sweet, fine textured meat so it’s delicious eaten on its own or used in recipes,” explains Trevor Bartlett, a fourth generation crab fisherman from Devon and a director of the blue sea food company.

Wild Bay crab meat is sourced from crab caught by inshore fishermen who work mainly off the South Devon coast. Pots are used to catch the crab, a traditional method used for over a century that causes the least amount of disturbance to the seabed. The boats then land the crab alive and they are collected daily at the quay.

The South West Fishery (a recognised fishing zone) is widely accepted as one of the best resources for Brown Crab.

Brown Crab fished off the South Devon coast has been awarded ‘Good Fish to Eat’ status by the Marine Conservation Society, in recognition of the way the fishery is managed.

The crab is humanely killed by a revolutionary device called a Crustastun, which was launched at the blue sea food company in 2005. This method is recognised as being the least stressful way for crab to be killed and also preserves the texture and flavour of the meat. The crab is then cooked in such a way that flavours are not lost and the meat is then carefully extracted. is published by Special Publications. Special Publications also publish Fish Farmer, the Fish Industry Yearbook, the Scottish Seafood Processors Federation Diary, the Fish Farmer Handbook and a range of wallplanners.