Bilaterals Go On In Bid To Find Compromise –

Bilaterals Go On In Bid To Find Compromise Fishing Monthly Published:  17 December, 2002

EU MEMBER states are in bilateral sessions with the European Commission in a bid to formulate a compromise package for whitefish catching from January 1.

Hopefully, a compromise can be presented to the Council of Ministers tomorrow morning.

Scottish Fishermen’s Federation President Alex Smith said tonight UK ministers had underlined their opposition to “absurd” seven fishing days a month proposals for trawlers aired by the Commission who had never departed, he said, from their bid to slash effort by 80%.

“This days plan would be as good as a moratorium and people will simply leave the industry in droves,” he said.

Federation secretary Ian Duncan said:“Everyone is trying to work out what they can live with.I think everyone seems to be content to leave the cod recovery plan until next year whereas discussions are now focusing on interim measures- effort restrictions and also now quota cuts. These two things are being discussed in various bilaterals.”