Big increase in turnover for Humber fishing and seafood company –

Big increase in turnover for Humber fishing and seafood company Published:  03 January, 2013

THE Hull-based fishing and seafood group Andrew Marr International has ended 2012 with a significant increase in turnover.

The company saw its income rise from £450-million to almost £545-million for the financial year to the end of last March. Profits before tax rose from £13-million to £14.3-million. Andrew Marr International says the results show it has maintained its position in key markets during the period. In fact turnover and profits of the company have more than doubled in the past five years.

Andrew Marr International is one of the few remaining fishing businesses with its heritage stretching back to the great days of deep sea trawling when fishing ports like Hull and Grimsby, maintained large fishing fleets. Today it runs a number of fish related businesses including fish trading firm J.Marr (Seafood) and is involved in cold storage and fishing vessel management.

It regularly features in The Sunday Times business section in the Top 100  list of Britain’s most successful privately owned companies.

The history of the Andrew Marr International Group stretches back almost 150 years.  More recently the company has established a formidable reputation within the seafood business and the Marr name continues to be at the forefront of the industry’s development.

J.Marr (Seafoods) Ltd, began trading in 1979 and is a subsidiary of the Andrew Marr International Group. This business is involved in procurement and trading of frozen pelagic fish species principally harvested from the North Western and Southern African waters, the North Atlantic, the East Coast of the USA, South America and the South Pacific Ocean. Main markets include the countries of West Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean.