Atlantic Fresh Ltd to cease selling whole fish through Hull –

Atlantic Fresh Ltd to cease selling whole fish through Hull Published:  10 June, 2011

Atlantic Fresh Ltd, a partner in Fishgate, Hull, has announced that as of Monday, June 13 2011, it will no longer be selling whole fish through the Hull auction house.

Instead, confirmed Orn Jonsson, a director of Atlantic Fresh, all their whole fish will be sold through Grimsby.

‘We are obviously still in co-operation with Fishgate,’ he said, ‘but we are not selling whole fish to auction through Hull.’

Atlantic Fresh is one of the biggest importers of Icelandic fish into the Humber and while there will still be some Norwegian fish still going through Fishgate, fish merchants will now have to travel to Grimsby for Icelandic imports.

Chief executive of Grimsby Fish Merchants Association Steve Norton said: ‘For a long time there has been a downturn in supply and clearly it is not economically viable to put fish into two centres on the Humber.

‘Grimsby Fish Merchants Association will do all we can to assist merchants in Hull to buy fish in Grimsby.’

He added that it was huge psychological blow to Hull to lose the Icelandic imports, especially as much of the Norwegian fish was sold directly with Fishgate acting as a distribution centre.

Atlantic Fresh Limited was formed by the merger of two Icelandic companies operating in the UK’s major fishing ports of Hull and Grimsby.

The direct involvement of the Hull business in the building of Fishgate fish trading centre has been a key element of the Atlantic Fresh success.

Fishgate has been the centrepoint of Hull’s seafood industry bringing fresh fish from the northern seas off Iceland, Faroe and Norway.

Built in 2000 it is a state of the art fish auction facility with temperature control and computer tracking of the products from reception to dispatch.