ASC pangasius big in Japan –

ASC pangasius big in Japan Published:  09 June, 2014

AEON AND World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Japan recently hosted a launch event in Tokyo to celebrate that ASC certified pangasius is now available in AEON stores throughout Japan.

The event marked the start of the Sustainable Seafood Week in Japan, which takes place across Asia until 15 June.

The well attended session in one of AEON’s flagship stores provided an opportunity for customers to hear about the need for responsible fish farming from representatives of AEON and WWF Japan.

‘At AEON we continuously seek to help our customers make responsible choices’, said Mr Norihiko Okui, AEON General Manager, Seafood Department, Food Merchandising Planning Division.

‘Responsible sourcing is important to the future of our business and our customers too. So we are proud to bring ASC certified pangasius to the Japanese market.

‘With the ASC logo on pack we can reassure our customers that their fish purchase has been farmed with minimal impacts on the environment and on society.

‘I am excited about the rapid growth of the ASC in the Japanese market. AEON’s commitment to sourcing and selling certified seafood is key to the development of the ASC in Japan.’

‘There are already more than 60 approved Japanese products with the ASC logo, and four of them can be found in stores across the country,’ said Chris Ninnes, ASC’s CEO.

‘After the highly successful introduction of certified salmon in Japan earlier this year, the launch of ASC certified pangasius will further boost our profile in this important market.

‘I would like to thank AEON and WWF Japan for their continuous support and engagement with the ASC.’

AEON will source its ASC certified pangasius from CP Vietnam Corporation. Their Ben Tre Branch farm operation has been ASC certified since July 2013.

‘ASC certification is the accepted standard for our pangasius farming and is recognised by most of our clients’, said Mr Sombat Siripanwarapon, Head of Fish Business Unit, CP Vietnam Corporation.

‘It is a guarantee for our reputation and product quality and has made us more competitive. He added that ASC certified pangasius has been available in supermarkets since September 2012.

There are currently 45 pangasius farms certified against the ASC standard, and a further four farms are awaiting the outcome of their audit.

The ASC Pangasius Standard carries the most robust global requirements for pangasius farming.

Farms that are certified against the standard must demonstrate that they use responsible aquaculture practises that minimise their environmental and social impact.

By adhering to the ASC standard, certified farms deliver a cleaner seabed, cleaner water and healthier fish; preserve the diversity of the species and wild population; adhere to strict feed requirements and ensure social responsibility.

ASC labelled pangasius products can be traced back through the supply chain to a responsibly managed farm.

Companies are assessed against strict requirements before they can become ASC Chain of custody certified.

Consumers increasingly want to feel confident that they are making a responsible choice when they eat fish, and AEON is giving them that opportunity.

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