ASC labelled responsibly farmed fish introduced in Belgian Fish Guide –

ASC labelled responsibly farmed fish introduced in Belgian Fish Guide Published:  18 November, 2013

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) is pleased to announce that the Belgian Fish Guide for the first time will feature ASC certified tilapia and pangasius.

Following the introduction of ASC labelled products in the Dutch and Swedish versions, the Belgian guide will be the third to help consumers make an informed choice for responsibly farmed fish.

“I am delighted that ASC certified tilapia and pangasius are included in the Belgian Fish Guide from now on. This is a great sign of how far ASC has come in just over a year since the first product with the ASC logo was launched in 2012,” said ASC’s CEO Chris Ninnes. ”The Belgian market has been very receptive and I am hugely encouraged by this development. This Fish Guide will help ASC reinforce our position even further.”

A guide for seafood shoppersFor nearly a decade, the Fish Guide has been helping consumers to make responsible choices when shopping for fish. The guide simply tells shoppers which seafood to enjoy and which to avoid. The methodology that the guide is based on was developed by WWF, Seafood Choices Alliance, North Sea Foundation and the Marine Conservation Society. The Fish Guide can be found in 18 countries around the globe.

Last week, WWF Belgium held a press event in Brussels to celebrate the launch of their newly updated Belgian Fish Guide. Franck Hollander, Conservation Policy Officer, WWF Belgium said “WWF Belgium is pleased to include ASC labelled products in our Fish Guide for the first time. The guide is an established tool amongst Belgian consumers, helping them to choose responsibly produced fish. The Fish Guide has been essential for raising awareness of responsibly farmed and sustainably wild caught fish. Its impact is well documented as it reaches an estimated 60,000 Belgian seafood shoppers”.

Helping consumers make responsible choicesLaunched in 2012, the ASC on-pack logo reassures consumers that their fish comes from farms that limit their impacts on the environment and local communities. With the help of the logo, customers can easily make an informed choice to buy responsibly farmed seafood.

Consumers can actively help the aquaculture industry become more environmentally and socially responsible. Through their buying choices, seafood shoppers are rewarding certified fisheries and farms for their responsible practices. This way they contribute to preserving healthy fish stocks, protect vulnerable coastal zones and ensure that seafood can continue to feed a growing population in the future.