Aquaculture Stewardship Council aims to develop feed standard –

Aquaculture Stewardship Council aims to develop feed standard Published:  24 June, 2013

ASC has launched a project which aims to develop the ASC Feed Standard. ASC invites experts from the aquaculture feed industry to join a working group and actively contribute to the future of responsible aquaculture feed.

The project is starting shortly and a new, globally applicable, ASC Feed Standard should be ready by the end of 2015.

Feed is an essential element in fish farming; however, it is a major contributor to the overall environmental impact of aquaculture. Some of the issues to be addressed, for example, include the production of key ingredients used in making the feed.

The standard will set out requirements and introduce consistency for the aquaculture feed industry to operate on a more environmentally sound and socially responsible basis. It will allow manufacturers who have demonstrated their environmentally responsible production practices to gain recognition for their efforts.

For now, feed plants cannot be ASC certified, however, some are already becoming more responsible such as the BioMar factory in Brande, Denmark, which has put in place systems to comply with the ASC Standards for salmon and trout.

ASC is encouraging interested stakeholders from all areas of the industry (aquaculture feed producers, raw material suppliers, fish farmers, academic community, NGOs, etc) to become actively involved with the project.

For further information, contact Michiel Fransen. Information on the Feed Project can be found on the ASC website under Projects.Pilot tests of the Feed Standard are expected to start in the second half of 2014.