AQUA NOR FORUM sessions announced for August 2011 –

AQUA NOR FORUM sessions announced for August 2011 Published:  07 June, 2011

The final programme for AQUA NOR FORUM, within Aqua Nor, August 16-19 2011, Trondheim Spektrum, Norway, has been announced.

The FORUM takes place every second AQUA NOR and this year will address one of the critical constraints to the development of aquaculture in Europe: access to site with high water quality to ensure high quality aquaculture products.

The FORUM will be in three sessions, each of some two hours’ length, with a presentation of the issues and discussion of solutions taking priority.

The first session will be Upscaling Land-based Systems on Wednesday morning, August 17, with Session Moderator: Jean-Paul Blancheton, IFREMER, France and panel members and contributions (15 mins each): Noam Mozes, Israel,“ENERGY SAVING: Investment and functioning cost of low energy treatment systems, optimal size of the treatment devices for minimal consumption of energy”; Caterina Martins, Portugal/Austria, ORGANIC MATTERS: Faeces and other particle removal in relation to water quality and system closure, humic acids, growth inhibition, ozone treatment…; Luigi Michaud, Italy, BACTERIAL POPULATION management, optimisation of biofilter, relation to possible pathology…;  and Steven Summerfelt, USA, CONTAINMENT SYSTEMS for biosecurity, escapes, alien species and other environmental factors.

Upscaling (marine) Cage Systems on Wednesday afternoon with Session Moderator: Arne Fredheim, SINTEF and CREATE, Norway: panel members and contributions (15 mins each): Tore Kristiansen, Institute of Marine Research, Norway, Farming fish in large, exposed and/or submergible cages – biological challenges and technological constraints;  Ulrik Ulriksen, OCEA AS, Norway, Technologies to deliver feed and medication – effective delivery of pellets over large distances and a large surface area to improve consumption levels and reduce losses; Gunnar Senneset, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture, Norway, Farming intelligence: The control of the total process of farming by understanding the integrated use of equipment and the process of operations and combining this with knowledge of biological issues and the physical environment; and Cato Lyngøy, Marine Harvest, Norway, What is the ideal cage size?

Upscaling the Eco-system Approach Thursday morning, August 18, with Session Moderator: Max Troell, Beijer International Institute of Ecological Economics, Sweden, Panel Members and contributions (15 mins each): Thierry Chopin et al., Canadian Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture Network (CIMTAN), University of New Brunswick, Canada, Progression of the Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) concept and up-scaling of IMTA systems towards commercialisation;  Bela H. Buck, AWI, Germany, Increasing the value of seaweeds;  Margareth Øverland, UMB, Aquaculture Protein Centre, Norway, “Ecological feed” issues – Impact of conventional versus alternative diets in integrated aquaculture systems; Geir Lasse Taranger, IMB, Bergen, Norway

Biological and technological methods to minimize risk of disease and parasite load from salmon farms to wild stocks.

AQUA NOR is organised by the European Aquaculture Society.