Aqua Farming International, an exhibition devoted to aquaculture and celebrated under the umbrella of the World Fishing Exhibition, will host the APROMAR Sectorial Conference. On September 17 the meeting entitled “Times of change: experiences and opportunities” will take place at the Exhibition centre José Nogueira Dalmás.

APROMAR celebrates its Sectorial Conference every two years, rotating between Autonomous Communities and always in parallel to other events, in order to make the best use of their synergies. In this occasion, the Association of Spanish Marine Fish Farmers has found in the World Fishing Exhibition and Aqua Farming International the ideal framework for the celebration of this meeting, which will be organized around several topic areas.

Aquaculture under the community legislative approach, health policies with regard to fish and the importance of the market when taking business decisions will be analyzed. Everything from a practical point of view, aiming to offer “a special and outstanding vision of the aquaculture development”, explains Javier Ojeda, manager of APROMAR.

The World Fishing Exhibition will be celebrated from September 16-19 and will host the First Aqua Farming International, which will be the showcase for the latest technology and those products coming from aquaculture; a constant growing sector since the 70’s in which developing countries trust, with more and more emphasis, as a source of proteins for the population and as a job creator and revitalizing element of coastal communities. Aquaculture is a booming financial activity that is generating important income in countries of Central America and Southeast Asia thanks to the export of part of its production. Other countries with more experience in this field, such as Chile, still hold a privileged position in the list of countries that produce and export aquaculture products, gaining, at the same time, big international investments.

This first Aqua Farming International exhibition is held within the scope of the World Fishing Exhibition, which will attract a large number of visitors and will be the hub of the international fishing scene. Subsequently, this aquaculture professional exhibition will start its career on its own, summoning exhibitors and visitors with more frequency. Aqua Farming International will have an exhibiting area of 3,000 square meters in WFE-Vigo’09, where a wide offer for the development of aquaculture will be found.