Another record month for Norwegian fish and aquaculture exports –

Another record month for Norwegian fish and aquaculture exports Published:  23 September, 2009

NORWAY has just announced another record breaking month for fish and seafood exports.

Following an outstanding performance in July, Oslo says that exports in August again totalled more than three billion kroners – (more than £300 million) an increase of 26 per cent on the same month last year.

This is the eight month in succession that Norwegian seafood sales overseas have topped the three billion kroner mark, says Norway Export Council For fish.

These latest statistics and Marine Harvest’s aquaculture successes reflect the huge international demand for seafood and also Norway’s reputation as a high quality provider. So far this year, Norway has exported seafood worth 26.9 billion kroner, an increase by 4.3 billion kroners over the same period last year. The growth in the export of seafood is first and foremost driven by the export of salmon. Norway says more salmon sold to higher prices resulted in a 40 per cent increase in the value of exported salmon for August, compared with last year, says information director Egil Ove Sundheim of the Export Council. Four weeks ago, Marine Harvest Norway’s largest salmon producer of farmed salmon achieved an earning before interest and taxation figure of 257 million kroners (around £26 million) in the second quarter of the year.

Norway’s seafood reputation was further enhanced recently when the country was ranked among the world’s leading countries with the best fishery management by three researchers at the University of British Columbia and the University of Rio Grande who were working conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund.