ACE LANDS A TRIPLE CATCH! Published:  07 November, 2012

ACE Refrigeration has reeled in a hat-trick with three successes in the fish and seafood industry.

The Glasgow based refrigeration and cold room specialist has won a contract with the Northern    Ireland Fishery Harbour Authority, secured a service and maintenance contract from one of Scotland’s booming seafood producers, and completed an energy saving extension for a top Scottish salmon company.

The family firm which has been serving customers for more than 60 years will replace the existing flake ice plant at Ardglass Harbour in County Down which has become inefficient and also relies on R22-gas which is being phased out due to new legislation.

ACE Refrigeration, the only manufacturer trained Geneglace engineers in the UK, will design, supply and install a new 10 tonne Geneglace ice flaker for the authority, in a project funded by the EU under the European Fisheries Fund.

The team at ACE Refrigeration has also secured a service and maintenance contract for seafood producer Marine Harvest at Fort William, thanks to their engineering expertise and reliability.Turnover has soared at Marine Harvest thanks to the growing popularity of Scottish Salmon         around the world.

In order to safeguard vital production facilities in the West Coast of Scotland, the seafood producer has handed ACE Refrigeration a one-year contract to maintain and service their refrigeration, air conditioning and Geneglace ice plant.

Already this summer ACE Refrigeration has completed a contract to supply energy saving refrigeration equipment for a new factory extension of the Dingwall-based salmon processor,  Edinburgh Salmon Company. The company was awarded the six-figure contract thanks to its RACE Energy Saving System which saves up to 25% on traditional refrigeration applications.

ACE Refrigeration used custom-manufactured equipment to suit the bespoke requirements of Edinburgh Salmon Company such as specially manufactured Multi-Compressor Packs – by using  packs with multiple compressors the cooling requirements for all rooms are combined which results in a greatly reduced power input.

In addition to the newly installed refrigeration element of the project, the site now includes a brazed plate heat exchanger which takes the heat that the refrigeration system extracts out of the air and reuses it to heat water, giving Edinburgh Salmon Company free hot water to wash down their production areas, crucial in a fish processing plant.

Shane McKenzie, Sales Director of ACE Refrigeration, said: “With a very strong fishing and seafood market in Scotland, ACE Refrigeration has become a key partner to many customers within this industry, understanding the delicate nature of fish and the speed to market that such refrigeration equipment has to support.”

“These projects illustrate our diversity and ability to work across a number of sectors. The seafood production and processing industry is one where we have vast experience having previously worked with Braehead SFO Limited, Galloway Seafoods, Norfolkline, Inverawe Smokehouse and Scottish Seafarms.”