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Aberdeenshire : Council staff set for Seafood Week Published:  03 July, 2007

Malcolm Morrison

ABERDEENSHIRE Council employees will have the chance to support their local fishing industry and reap the health benefits during Seafood Week 2007.

A recent meeting of the authority’s Fisheries Working Group agreed that staff canteens will participate in the event in the autumn.

The aim is for catering staff to put a different fish dish on their menu for each day of Seafood Week to promote the ‘two a week’ message.

Cross-industry seafood body Seafish wants to push the Food Standards Agency’s message that we should all be eating two portions of fish a week, including one of oil-rich fish.

Last year’s Seafood Week was a great success after supermarkets, fishmongers and more than 1,000 restaurants and fish and chip shops took part.

Seafood is a good way to ensure your diet is healthy – it is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, minerals and omega 3.

It is quick and easy to cook and can be used to make a wide variety of different dishes.

Chairman of the Fisheries Working Group, Martin Ford, said: “Aberdeenshire Council would hope to promote locally caught fish to people as a natural part of a healthy diet and encourage the use of produce from one of our biggest local industries.”

Seafish is running Seafood Week from October 5 to 12, as a celebration of seafood and the many benefits that it offers.

The event has been running for five years and has been fronted by a range of seafood fans including: Antony Worrall Thompson; Rick Stein; Gordon Ramsay; and Carol Vorderman.

Seafood is incredibly important to the UK economy and consumption continues to grow.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Fishing Industry Co-ordinator, Malcolm Morrison, said: “Since the fishing industry is such an important part of the Aberdeenshire economy, it’s good to be able to participate in this nationwide promotion.”

A number of events will be staged during Seafood Week, including tastings and promotional activity within supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and other outlets, to ensure that the publics attention is focused on the important role seafood should play in our diet.

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