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Aberdeen clocks up new records Published:  02 February, 2006

LANDINGS of white fish, industrial fish and shellfish totalled 23,561 tonnes at Aberdeen Harbour last year, up from 22,214 tonnes, due to higher landings of industrial fish.

Meanwhile, the shipment of animal feedstuffs – principally salmon feed to Shetland – almost doubled to around 53,000 tonnes.

Aberdeen Harbour Board say imports and exports through the port totalled 4.85 million tonnes, compared with the previous record of 4.56 million tonnes in 2004. The main factors were increased shipments for the oil and gas industry in UK waters and further afield, including West Africa, and growth within various sectors of general cargo.

The port had trading links with more than 30 countries, in Europe, Africa, North and South America, Middle-east and Far-east.

Grain exports reached a new high at 72,999 tonnes, an increase of more than 30,000 tonnes on the previous year and more than 10 times the figure in 2002. Growth has been encouraged by the Board making a transit shed available as buffer storage ahead of shipment and by the port’s capacity to handle larger vessels. New records were also set during the year for the volume of grain loaded in a day.

The closure of one of the region’s paper mills was reflected in a decrease in the export of finished products, more than halved to under 23,000 tonnes.