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A new logo for the European Aquaculture Society Published:  02 May, 2011

Since 1976, the European Aquaculture Society (EAS) has been pursuing its core objectives to promote contacts among all involved in aquaculture; to disseminate information and to promote multi-disciplinary research for the benefit of the sector.

As EAS enters its 35th year, a new logo has been developed.

As EAS 2010-2012 President, Yves Harache commented “Over the past years, EAS has developed a special branding for its Aquaculture Europe and Aqua Nor Forum events, through new logos that create a strong identity for these meetings. While the original EAS logo showing a focus on Europe on a global sphere has served EAS well over the years, a more modern and highly visible logo was felt necessary, as aquaculture is a truly global sector, and as EAS also creates new partnerships with organisations that are outside of the aquaculture sector.”

Alistair Lane, Executive Director adds “A lot of people within the aquaculture community use the letters ‘EAS’ and so the new logo really focuses on this acronym. Many people recognise the term ‘fish farming’ to cover all species produced through aquaculture, and the fish symbol reflects this. ”

The new logo will figure on all digital images of the society, and will be progressively introduced on all printed material over the coming year. Logo formats and detailed technical specifications for use will be provided on the EAS web site for download and use with permission.

More information: Alistair Lane, EAS secretariat. a.lane@aquaculture.cc T: +32 59323859