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2008 Fish Craft Championships set for another successful year Published:  11 June, 2008

PREPARATIONS are well under way for the 2008 Young’s British Fish Craft Championships, set to be held on September 7 at Hays Galleria, Tooley St, London.

The event, which has been organised by the National Federation of Fishmongers, has been brought forward this year to start at the Championships, and will coincide with the start of Seafish’s National Seafood Fortnight.

Although there will not be an Oyster and Seafood Fair this year, competition day will be very much business as usual with over 12 competitions and an additional six awards up for grabs.

Last year saw a record number of contestants from fishmongers all over the UK, keeping the judges busy throughout the day, with over 300 separate entries all competing to become the Young’s British Fish Craft Champion of the Year.

The twelve separate competitions are designed to appeal to all levels of proficiency; from juniors to the well experienced fishmonger, even part time staff – there are medals, prizes, awards and certificates for almost every level.

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