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1 Billion UK fish and chip suppers Published:  03 July, 2008

The European Fish Advisory Committee (ICES) have released their management advice for 2009 for a number of fish species in the North Atlantic. The catch quotas for cod and haddock in the Barents Sea are recommended to be higher next year (2009) as the spawning stocks of both species are well above the precautionary limit. It is anticipated that the quota size will rise a minimum 10 per cent for cod and 20 percent for haddock.

This means the total annual catch (TAC) for 2009 for cod will be increased to 496,000 tonnes and haddock to 194,000 tonnes, split between trawlers from Norway, Russia and EU. In addition, ICES state that Arctic Saithe (colley) stocks are in constant good condition. And Iceland quotas for cod and haddock look to be about the same for 2009 as well

The responsible fishing policy of EU, Norway/Russia [European countries], where spawning and fish growing grounds are no-go areas for fishermen has paid off. Some of these no-go areas are as big as the UK itself. Stocks are being maintained and in some cases are increasing despite adverse climate and environmental conditions.

FASFA’s Tim Cartwright-Taylor comments on this news: “We are delighted for our members to discover that fishing quotas are being increased for this unique, wild, healthy fish. The cod and haddock customers in the UK need to know their fish is being managed sustainably. This is good news for every fish & chip shop in the UK and their customers can enjoy their favourite fish & chips without feeling guilty about destroying the world. All the scaremongering is simply not true when it comes to cod and haddock stocks.”